Director: Mrs. Deborah Creech

New Ellenton Headquarters

412 Main Street,

New Ellenton, SC 29809

Director: Mrs. Deborah Creech

Phone: 803-270-3891

Email: [email protected]

Mission: To show the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by meeting the community needs of New Ellenton and the surrounding areas.

Services Offered at New Ellenton

  • Life Skills and Adult Education
  • Youth After-School Education and Mentoring
  • Recovery Support
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Counseling
  • Senior Citizen Services
  • Wellness Checks

Director: Mrs. Deborah Creech and Mayor Kimberly Williams

Christ Central New Ellenton’s leadership is excited to announce that “Phase 1” of renovations is well on it way. The mission station’s opening date and hours of operation will be updated as time goes on. Please feel free to check back here on the website or reach out to us via the contact information provided above.